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The Future of Digital Signage and Advertising

The Future of Digital Signage and Advertising
September 11, 2017 ATM Pacific


Digital Signage and advertising play an essential role in effecting brand loyalty. Learn how four key trends are contributing.

1. Self-service/self-ordering via kiosk: Quick-service restaurants will place a heavier focus on self-ordering at a digital kiosk helping to simplify the ordering process.

2. Mobile hotspots: A surefire way to lure in customers is offering free Wi-Fi – with a catch, of course: A customer has to opt in, giving a business the opportunity to show them a 30-second video on the brand’s offerings.

3. Simplification: Less can be more when dealing with digital menu boards. Many quick-service restaurants are moving to more simplified menus in order to make their digital menu boards more effective.

4. Data-driven technologies: Analytics will continue to play a part in quick-service restaurants as they fine-tune the timing of their promotions and advertising to target certain demographics through digital advertising campaigns to help increase sales.