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Glass Eye Screenworks to showcase HBO mobile digital experience

Glass Eye Screenworks to showcase HBO mobile digital experience
September 12, 2017 ATM Pacific

Glass Eye Screenworks, an Atlanta digital agency, is showcasing a mobile experience at Mobile World Congress Americas being held Sept. 12 through the 14th in San Francisco.

The company will showcase HBO, DirectTV content via its Device Alive solution, which is designed to synchronize images across multiple smartphones, tablets and displays, according to a press release.

Brands can use Device Alive to push interactive marketing content to phones, tablets, displays, laptops and more. More than 4,800 AT&T stores are already using the solution to target their customers with dynamic content in real-time.

“Context is crucial across all user touchpoints. Everyone agrees that home, mobile, in-store, AR, VR and IoT experiences should be consistent across a brand, but they also need to be relevant to each step of the customer journey. Our solutions help brands integrate user experiences, and our real-time business intelligence allows for rapid adjustments to both content and product design,” Mark Reitz, principal and executive creative director at Glass Eye Screenworks, said in the release.